heroal D 82 FP

Ideal system solutions for fire and smoke protection elements

The heroal D 82 FP 5-chamber profile system offers technically sophisticated solutions for fire prevention elements. The separation of cooling zone and functional track which is unique to heroal guarantees lasting application and functional reliability, even with frequent use. As well as national certification, there is also the possibility for certification in Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Cross section

System dimensions

Profile depth [mm]

Frame profile
68 - 150
Leaf profile
Bar profile

Visible profile width [mm]

Frame profile
68 - 150
Leaf profile
Bar profile
90 - 100

System properties

Glass filling strength [mm]
Max. leaf weight [kg]
Max. leaf widths [mm]
Max. leaf heights [mm]

Performance characteristics

>3,3 Thermal insulation [Uf in W/m2K] / Profile width [mm]
4 Air permeability
Heat insulation (UD in W/m2K) / Profile width [mm]
3A Resistance to driving rain
C3 Wind resistance
1-3 Soundproofing class
RC 3 Resistance to burglary
2 Operating forces
Impact resistance
Mechanical resistance
Load-bearing capacity of safety equipment
Continuous function

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