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heroal D 65 C FP

System solutions for E30/EW30 fire doors and fire-resistant glazing

The heroal D 65 C FP profile system's single- and double-casement fire doors, which have been tested to EN 1364-1 and 1634-1 standard and approved in accordance with the national classification report, offer various design options including side sections and transom windows. The profiles of the heroal D 65 C system provide a basis that can be extended to create fire protection barriers with just a few additional components. Versions with nonbearing protective wall constructions are also possible in a variety of designs.

Basis for approval for the Netherlands and Austria.

Design options

  • Opening types: single- and double-casement inward and outward opening swing doors with superimposed or concealed overhead door closers or an automatic hinged door drive system
  • A wide range of designs is provided by variable flush exterior views and the use of glass infills and infill panels
  • Door casement frame available framed or with a base profile
  • Casement frame sealing with a lowerable floor seal or with a barrier-free flat threshold and towing seal
  • Colour design with high-quality hwr powder coating

Cross section

System dimensions

Profile depth [mm]

Frame profile
70 - 154
Leaf profile
Bar profile

Visible profile width [mm]

Frame profile
70 - 154
Leaf profile
70 - 98
Bar profile
94 - 154

System properties

Glass filling strength [mm]
Max. leaf weight [kg]
Max. leaf widths [mm]
1.402 / 2.668
Max. leaf heights [mm]

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