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heroal RD 55

Narrow Profile for Small Barrel Diameter

The roll-formed heroal RD 55 SL is a slim roller door slat that winds particularly tightly for clear widths of up to 3.500 mm. For a maximum curtain height of 3.000 mm the barrel diameter takes up around 230 mm on an octagonal axle with a diameter of 70 mm and is therefore suitable for box sizes of as little as 230 mm.

Cross section

System dimensions

Coverage width [mm]
Max. clear width [mm]
Max. clear height [mm]
Max. area [m2]

Performance characteristics

1* Wind resistance
Resistance to burglary
5** Hail class
Anti-push-up device can be integrated

* acc. EN 13241, with 3000 mmclear width

** acc. VKF (Swiss Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Companies) Test Specifications No. 02. The value reflects the mechanical functional capability.

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